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This Coffee Lovers Gift Box is a perfect present for the person in your life who adores coffee. 

Included is the following -

1. 600ml glass cafetiere - It is one of the two larger ones in picture

2. Two floral coffee cups

3.  Roast House Colombian Blend Coffee

4. Roast House Espresso

5. Anna's Almond Thins 

6. Dittys's Lemon Shortbread

7. Chocolate covered coffee beans

8. Handmade Wooden Coasters 

9. Wooden tree slice may not be exacty like the one pictured but very similar. 




600ml glass plunger cafetiere. This is the large one in the pictures. 

Coffee cups

Set of 2 handmade wooden coasters

Roastworks Columbian Ground Coffee

Roastworks Espresso Coffee

Lemon Shortbread

Ditty's Butter-rich shortbread with a fresh tang of lemon. Delicious on its own or try as a dessert with jams, creme fraiche or raspberries.

Annas Almond Thins

Slim almond biscuits that compliment coffee 150g

Wooden food server/table

Each wooden server is different from the photos on the website. They may be a different size or shape from the one pictured. As wood ages it may crack and change shape over time.

Handmade wooden coasters

 Wood that has been sanded and varnished to make a set of unique wooden coasters.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Delicious coffee beans covered in white, milk and dark chocolate to compliment your cup of coffee. 

Free Delivery.  Gift Box will be dispatched 1-2 days after order is placed.