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Luxury Swiss Chocolate Truffles



Indulge in this box of luxurious Swiss milk chocolate truffles. They come in a unique 3 tier box that unfolds to reveal another delicious hidden layer of chocolates. There are 12 chocolates in the box and may include 2 of each of the following flavours to make up the box of 12 – Swiss White Chocolate, Raspberry and Champagne Swiss Chocolate Truffle, Swiss White Vanilla Truffle, Milk Chocolate Truffle, Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Truffle, Swiss Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Truffle, Swiss Prosecco Milk Chocolate Truffle, Bucks Fizz, Lemon Cheesecake Cup, Raspberry Cup, Triple Chocolate Cup, Prosecco Milk Chocolate, Rum Dark Chocolate. This is such a luxurious treat for someone special. There may be two of certain flavours and not all flavours may be included in the box.  

* Please note that the chocolates contain milk, soya and nuts. Some may contain alcohol