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Himalayan Salt Candle Holder - Wellness & Wellbeing Range



100% natural Myga 1kg Himalayan Salt tealight holder. Himalyan Salt Crystal is a natural air purifier. Once the candle is lit, the holder will emit negative ions that fight against the positively charged particles that make you feel stuffy and sleepy

Each candleholder may vary slightly, as every one comes with a completely oneofakind, Himalayan natural crystal which has been handmined in the Himalayan Mountains . These attractive Himalayan rock salt candle holders make a wonderful addition to any room, casting a warm glow to highlight the area.  They  increase energy and concentration and help with allergies and create a positive energy in the room.

Every candleholder is handcrafted, and therefore unique. It is designed to hold one tea light candle at a time.  They weigh 1kg.  It is important not to leave candles unattended and keep them away from children and animals. 

Part of our Wellness & Wellbeing Range.