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Himalayan Bath Salts Salt Spa Wellness and Wellbeing



Himalayan Salt Spa Made from the Himalayan Crystal Pink Rock Salt from the Foothills of The Himalayan mountain range. Natural & Organic salt formed millions of years ago from the crystallisation of ancient sea-beds, unique properties and mineral content.  


One of the most important benefits of bathing in Himalayan salt is detoxification.  Often blocked, our daily routines of moisturizers and soaps generally inhibit the body from being able to rid itself of unwanted substances.  By allowing pores to open, our bodies are enabled to release toxins through the skin.  Not only does Himalayan bath salt help to draw out toxins, but it assists in reenergizing the body as well.


Another multi-level category is balancing.  Himalayan salt can help to balance out a variety of elements within the body.  For instance, the unrefined, mineral-rich salt bath is an excellent way to lower blood pressure as well as blood sugar levels.  Further, hormonal balance can also be aided by the addition of Himalayan salt to baths as well as diet.


Along with the detoxification process, your skin is also given a deep cleansing treatment.  As with any deep cleanse, you’ll be left feeling rejuvenated.  Further, the grains of the salt can be used as an exfoliant.  Removing dead skin cells will not only make your skin feel softer, but also it will look younger. With glowing, youthful features, why wouldn’t you want to indulge yourself in a salt bath?


A day in the life of many people involves routine and schedules.  With days filled to the brim of commitments and expectations, a relaxing bath is sometimes a much-welcomed break.  Relaxation is good for the soul and the mind.  Bringing balance and harmony back to oneself helps to face whatever the future holds in store. 

Made in Pakistan