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Treat that special someone with one of our Relaxation, Mindfulness & Wellbeing Gift Boxes.  In the Gift Box is a  collection of restoring products to help create a moment of calm and promote self-care.  The contents of the gift box help to  look after their wellbeing, wherever they are. 

Included in the Gift Box is the following - 

Himalayan Salt Tealight Holder. Himalyan Salt Crystal is a natural air purifier. Once the candle is lit, the holder will emit negative ions that fight against the positively charged particles that make you feel stuffy and sleepy .  Each candleholder may vary slightly, as every one comes with a completely oneofakind, Himalayan natural crystal which has been handmined in the Himalayan Mountains . These attractive Himalayan rock salt candle holders make a wonderful addition to any room, casting a warm glow to highlight the area.  They  increase energy and concentration and help with allergies and create a positive energy in the room.  Every candleholder is handcrafted, and therefore unique. It is designed to hold one tea light candle at a time.  They weigh 1kg.  It is important not to leave candles unattended and keep them away from children and animals. 

Himalayan Salt SpaMade from the Himalayan Crystal Pink Rock Salt from the Foothills of The Himalayan mountain range. Natural & Organic salt formed millions of years ago from the crystallisation of ancient sea-beds, unique properties and mineral content.  This Salt Spa has many benefits - 

1. Detoxing  One of the most important benefits of bathing in Himalayan salt is detoxification.  Often blocked, our daily routines of moisturizers and soaps generally inhibit the body from being able to rid itself of unwanted substances.  By allowing pores to open, our bodies are enabled to release toxins through the skin.  Not only does Himalayan bath salt help to draw out toxins, but it assists in reenergizing the body as well.

2. Balancing  Another multi-level category is balancing.  Himalayan salt can help to balance out a variety of elements within the body.  For instance, the unrefined, mineral-rich salt bath is an excellent way to lower blood pressure as well as blood sugar levels.  Further, hormonal balance can also be aided by the addition of Himalayan salt to baths as well as diet.

3. Rejuvenating Along with the detoxification process, your skin is also given a deep cleansing treatment.  As with any deep cleanse, you’ll be left feeling rejuvenated.  Further, the grains of the salt can be used as an exfoliant.  Removing dead skin cells will not only make your skin feel softer, but also it will look younger. With glowing, youthful features, why wouldn’t you want to indulge yourself in a salt bath?

4. Relaxing  A day in the life of many people involves routine and schedules.  With days filled to the brim of commitments and expectations, a relaxing bath is sometimes a much-welcomed break.  Relaxation is good for the soul and the mind.  Bringing balance and harmony back to oneself helps to face whatever the future holds in store. 

Himalayan Salt Soap This is made from the Himalayan Crystal Pink Rock Salt from the Foothills of The Himalayan mountain range. Natural & Organic salt formed millions of years ago from the crystallisation of ancient sea-beds with unique properties and mineral content.

Rumi Detox Infusion Tea is the best herbal infusion for cleansing and eliminating toxins. This blend of rumi has been linked with numerous health benefits such as keeping your blood pressure at normal levels and keeping you cool and calm. Rumi detox is a combination of old ancient herbs and spices, mixed to act as an anti oxidant and cleansing agent. It is also the best belly fat burner and helps to increase the metabolism. Rumi detox infusion tea is also used for slimming and weight loss and helps you get back to the shape you always dreamed of.   Ingredients: Rumi detox is a combination of the most delicious range of herbs as well as spices. It is a mixture of tangy hibiscus tea, with added barberries mixed with mellow tasty quince,  topped up with aromatic bitter orange  peels, to give you the best tastes in infusion tea as well as best acting results for healthier body.  Place a pinch of Rumi Tea in a strainer/teapot and add boiling water.  Leave to stand for 7-10 minutes.  There are approx 30 servings in each bag of this herbal infusion tea.  It's important to consult with your healthcare provider  before taking any herbal products. 

Glass Infuser and Glass Tea Cup is also included to brew and enjoy your herbal tea.

Lavender Essential Oils and White Oil Burner. Lavender is loved for its appealing scent and calming effects.  For centuries, lavender has been used in perfumery, cosmetics and in herbal remedies.  Lavender oil is thought to have a range of benefits including calming the body and mind and helping to promote better sleep.  This Lavender Pure Essential Oil is perfect to add to the oil burner or drops could be added to a bath to help relax and unwind.  Dilute before using on skin. 

Detox Foot Patches   These Deep Cleaning Foot Patches are a perfect way to detoxify.  Made from natural ingredients of ginger powder and bamboo vinegar,  the patches are known for their detox properties as they clean the body and lift the mood.  After washing and drying your feet, stick the foot patches on the sole of your foot.  Remove after about 8 hours.  Bed time is the perfect time to use these patches.  Black or other coloured liquid will be discharged during the use of the foot patch.  This is a sign that your body is getting rid of toxins and purifying.  There are 10 patches in each pack. 

Forest Feast Whole Canadian Cranberries are a perfect superfood due to their high nutrient and antioxident content.  These cranberries are grown and harvested in the beautiful wetlands of Canada.  

Nutrililicious Smokey Barbeque Crunchy Pumpkin Seedsare  pumpkin seeds coated in a moreish barbecue seasoning.  They are a healthy savoury snack to keep you feeling fuller for longer.   This snack can be enjoyed anytime without feeling bloated.

Hip Pop Apple & Elderflower Organic Kombucha 330ml This drink naturally contains lots of friendly bacteria, antioxidents, enzymes, Vitamins B and C and healthy organic acids.  It is raw fermented tea and made from 4 simple ingredients - tea, sugar, live kombucha culture and water.  Kombucha helps with your digestion, rids your body of toxins and boosts your energy.  

Wooden Tree Sliceto display your wellbeing products.  Could also be used to display vases, ornaments etc.  The product may not be the same as the one pictured.  Each slice is lightly sanded and varnished.  As wood ages it may crack and change shape.

A Calm Card is also included in the gift box that has a message to perhaps remind you to take a moment of peace, get rid of feeling stressed and overwhelmed and take time to gather your thoughts.  Each Calm Card is different so each will be selected at random.  

This Relaxation,Mindfulness and Wellbeing Gift Box is a perfect way to help to create a calming moment in the day.