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This Gin Lover's Gift Box is the perfect gift.  This is a Gift Box that comes with aging sticks and spices for aging and flavouring gin.  First gin is put into the glass bottle and an aging stick is inserted into the bottle to enable the aroma to unfold and the aging process to begin.  This requires at least 24 hours.  The aging sticks provided come in the following flavours - Oak, Maple, Cherry and Smoked Oak.  Once the time has passed, the gin can be refined by adding a small amount of spices directly into the glass.  The spices included are Kardamom (cardamom which has a sweet and peppery taste), Rosa Beeren (pink berries which have a sweetly aromatic and woody flavour), Wacholder Beeren (juniper berries which have  a musty flavour with deep sweetness) and Koriander (coriander which has a spicy citrus flavour). 

Stone ice cubes can be used to cool the drink.  These need to be cooled for at least 3 hours and they can then be placed in the glass to make the drink cool and enjoyable.  Four of these cubes are included in the gift box along with a glass bottle, gin glass and wooden server.  The piece of wood for placing the drinks on is not the exact one pictured but is similar.  Each has been lightly sanded and varnished.

When you place your order, let us know who it is for and we will write them a personal message and we will get the gift box delivered directly to their door.